Western retreat or surrender?

The short points that Shri Swapan Dasgupta makes in this ToI article are as follows;

1. The West is packing it’s bags and quitting Iraq and Afghanistan

2. This can be seen as withdrawal from affairs not concerning the West

3. Such a withdrawal is in exchange of “no-strike on the West” deals with Islamic killers

4. This course of action would only embolden such killers further

5. Hindusthan will now be vulnerable, what with an aggressive China and an assertive and dangerous Pakistan

6. How will Hindusthan deal with such a neighborhood? Will it at last wake up?

The answer to the last point and question is well known. Suffice to say that none of Hindusthan’s mortal enemies have been punished for wounds inflicted on this country. Here’s the latest and a pointer to what awaits our inaction – if that’s what our “policy” continues to be.

– Namaste


Palahalli S – My own view is that it’s great that the West exits this region. I mean this for a positive reason. This withdrawal of an uncertain and hesitant security umbrella (at least as far as Hindusthan is concerned) will force Hindusthan’s polity to either swim or drown. It will force us Hindus as a nation to not only recognize enemies but deal with them effectively and decisively – if we want to survive as a nation. It will force us to push out of our minds all those convenient myths of a multicultural haven and face reality in all it’s bare nakedness.

My sympathies also lie with the West. I would not want any harm to reach its shores. I truly believe their “deal” with Islamic killers works for them and keeps them safe. But as Shri Dasgupta reminds us, will this not embolden these killers and give them a sense of triumph?

More, is the West merely retreating from Asian fronts in order to protect its own? Or is it also ensuring that the Islamic cancer no longer threatens it within its own frontiers?

Here’s what one Western observer has to say:

Eight years after the Islamic terrorist attacks of 9/11, it appears that America has largely drifted back into complacency. Certainly, many Americans still understand that the threat of repeated attacks remains real, but the sense of urgency has faded with time.

Meanwhile, the country’s current leadership and its supporters are inhabiting the willful blindness of a pre-9/11 mindset, if not acting as apologists for and, in some cases, active supporters of America’s enemies.

Misconceptions that began with the Bush administration continue unabated. There is an inability to grasp that, to quote Robert Spencer, the “stealth jihad,” being visited by Islamists upon our educational, cultural, and governmental institutions is the greatest threat to Western civilization. The self-censorship of political correctness, the moral vacuity of multiculturalism, the surrender of creeping dhimmitude, and the corruption of Arab dollars and influence continue to ensure that we are not actively engaged in the ideological battlefield.

As someone who was galvanized into a political awakening and eventual transformation by 9/11, it has been disheartening to see the country slide back into somnolence. Indeed, I have wondered at times whether we have entered a post-post-9/11 age. I believe the memory still lingers in our collective consciousness, but it has retreated to the farther reaches.

When one looks at history, this depressing pattern emerges time and time again. One has to wonder if human beings generally don’t learn from history, but rather, are doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again. Jolted out of slumber every so often by horrific events, we then sink back into oblivion once the threat no longer seems urgent. A few will always stand on the sidelines trying to bring attention to the looming threat of the day, but by and large, we only listen when forced.

Nonetheless, the fight must go on, for the alternative is far too frightening. That’s something for all of us to remember on 9/11/09.

Palahalli S writes further – Any Western and/or Hindu deal with Islamic killers must clearly demarcate terms and conditions and boundaries. It must pointedly let them know that a breach of any degree will invite bloody retribution; a retribution that the Islamic world will not be in a position to absorb and survive. For this to happen the non-Islamic world must refuse to recognize any intricate differences in shade or color as far as Islam is concerned. There are no moderates and extremists. There never was.

This will be a long and complex war. A war that is bound to take this course outside of a complete non-Islamic surrender. Let’s not fool ourselves anymore about that. When seen from this light, its obvious that China and Russia are being very short-sighted – but then they might just be waiting for the West to make up its mind.


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