What does Shri Chidambaram's nervousness portend for our war against Islamic Terror?

This is in response to Shri Chidambaram’s Washington press conference statements in which he reacted to the Home Ministry’s affidavit on Ishrat Jahan and Co.

This is what he said –

(Start Quote)“If a state government acts as though intelligence inputs are evidence or conclusive proof, I am sorry for that state government… Certainly no one suggested that based on an intelligence input you should kill someone,” he told a press conference here joining issue with the Narendra Modi Government over the central government affidavit in the killing of Ishrat and three of her companions in June 2004.

“I think too much is being attributed to that affidavit if it is meant to defend the government of Gujarat against the excesses that may have been committed by its police. I am sorry for the government of Gujarat and the manner in which it runs its police administration,” he said.

“What did the affidavit say?” he asked and added: “To the best of my knowledge the affidavit says that intelligence inputs were shared with the Gujarat government.”(End Quote)

– Namaste


Palahalli S writes – I think a seemingly intelligent man like Shri Chidambaram should not take his listeners and readers for granted. There are two things the Gujarat Administration has not conceded;

1. That the Gujarat police had concluded that Ishrat Jahan and Co were indeed confirmed terrorists

2. That the encounter that occurred was indeed fake – This is also the reason why the state government is contesting the Shri Tamang report

These are convenient assumptions that Shri Chidambaram seems to be laboring under.

The Gujarat administration has merely maintained that the Union Home Ministry fed intelligence to the Gujarat Police to the effect that Ishrat Jahan & Co were terror suspects because of their various dubious links that were investigated and confirmed by Central agencies.

This much the Home Ministry readily concedes. It’s another matter that the Law Ministry under Shri Veerappa Moily would like to turn the clock back super-fast and never be seen to have submitted it’s tell-all affidavit.

But my submission is that none of this conflict is good for the war we are fighting.

[I know I presume too much by imagining consensus amongst politicians and bureaucrats that we are indeed fighting a war against Islamic terror. This is simply not true. Our rulers and the opposition not excluding the intelligentsia still feels, ostrich-like, that we are facing ordinary law & order issues – not in anyway related to a fifth column within this country]

If I run a mind-game and replay this scene again, I’m pretty certain no Central Home or Law Ministry official will ever file a necessary affidavit in court as a statement of fact post investigations. There is no way of knowing if some future event would involve an encounter in which the accused and subjects of the filed affidavit, might make a run for it and get killed. Why would any official be so willing to hang his career? This is true of the police department also. Why would any officer risk his neck in any conflict, if at the end of the day he’s accused of murder by his own people?

The reason we see so much of confusion and utter lack of political resolve to stand firm, come what may, is because we still think this is an ordinary law & order problem – (blinded of course by liberalism that seeks to pander to the worst segments of this country). We are yet to realize we face a war..we are in a war not of our choosing and it’s a different war we must fight with a set of radically different rules. That set of radically different rules is to simply do what the enemy does…and do it with ten times the force.

It’s a filthy war..there is no other way. We either do it now or perish. We either do it now or if we change our minds and truly resolve to act later, we might have to act much more stringently than is required to do today.

Let’s think about that.


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