Western and non-Western traditionalism

In this linked short and interesting exchange I had over at VFR, we discussed the dynamics and possible problems that could ensue from a traditional Hindu Hindusthan and traditional White Western civilization.

My thinking is that a traditional framework would intuitively know it’s boundaries and therefore curb encroachment induced conflict.

In the thread commenter Ben W argues:

I fail to see where in Western civilization and culture there is grounds for a traditionalist to say there is respect and acceptance of other cultures. Historically that is not the case and a traditionalist supposedly respects history. In fact a case can be made concretely that Western history does not have a built-in acceptance of other cultures. Christian missionaries were escorted by government officials to Christianize other lands. Western medical procedures displaced native processes. Western merchant culture replaced means of financial trade and exchange throughout other continents. So how can a traditionalist argue that Western civilization and culture entails a respect for other traditions? On the contrary we have Westernized most of the world one way or another, replacing tribal customs.

I believe Ben W’s logic of imperialist domination would lead him away from any notion of a “traditional” West and instead lead him onto an Internationalising Westernism not very different from what the US wanted to be involved in in the Middle East with Iraq. The export of “freedom and democracy”. The problems with this is many not least the fact that the *exporter* can get affected by what the *customer* does to him. The customer can get either angry or be satisfied. Either way interaction between the provider and the receiver is increased over time resulting in unnecessary complications. This much is evident.

In my opinion, if Ben W had argued for a non-intrusive (i.e. non-evangelising) Western traditionalism, this would help the *provider* choose his customers well. Because he is not seeking to sell to those who would not otherwise buy; he will service only those that come to buy from him. A similar dynamic would activate at the other end too, thus ensuring balance and separation.

– Namaste


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