Why should I trust Mukul Kesavan anymore?

I find sanctimonious headers and pimps disgusting. More so when it comes from people who have never tried to hide their double standards wrt “high values” they claim to uphold in public life – for all citizens.

‘Public apetite whets blood-thirst of killer-cops’ is one such header that is steeped and marinated in a hyprocicy that is used to sell a shameless confessional and accusation rolled in one; something only secular-liberals are adept at and can do with characteristic nonchalance.

Savour this piece of vulgarity for instance –

(Start Quote)Unless we learn to monitor and protest the impunity with which the State and the police resort to extra-judicial murder and custodial killing, outrage at specific instances of these becomes ineffective, even counter-productive. So if you rage and grieve when a middle-class Muslim girl who could have been your daughter is killed but ignore the recent and mysterious death of a murderous hoodlum called R. Rajan in police custody in Chennai, you aren’t protesting the violation of due process or taking a stand against extra-judicial murder: you are merely riding a private hobby horse: the welfare of minorities or the wickedness of the Gujarat government.(End Quote)

Presumably the only kind of victim [that needs protection from “human rights” organizations] that can be posited against the ideologically invested Muslim “victim” is the Hindu thug exemplified by a certain R. Rajan. The fact that there are literally millions of innocent Hindu victims that this great secular regime and it’s human rights touting minions have refused to protect and speak for is of no consequence to this liberal and the media that laps up what he and his like spit out regularly.

The merits or demerits of the said case notwithstanding, what is amusing to see here is the secular-liberal stripped of all credibility.

Good but more needs to be done.

– Namaste


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