Can Islam be anything BUT political?

Please watch this film and judge for yourself.

There are well meaning “Muslims” in this movie that speak of *Radical* Islam..a *Political* Islam that is different from a *Religion* of Islam.

One needs to look carefully before accepting this proposition as fact.

Can Islam be anything BUT political? Can the Jihadis of Islam be anything BUT Muslim?

– Namaste


9 Responses

  1. Islam is not a mere religion but a package with social, political and religious guidelines. Thus Islam always enters into politics and political leaders go into religion. It is a mix and state cannot separate itself from the religion and vice versa.

  2. I agree with you wrt Islam. However I want to clarify that I’m not opposed to “religion” in politics as long as “religion” aides and purifies politics.

    Amongst the Hindus this takes the form of a Dharmic duty. A righteous duty not nearly as similar to a religious injunction applied to politics.

    For instance it is the Dharma of the ruler and politician to protect and safeguard society.

    This is different from a religious injunction to kill and/or subdue Kafirs – as part of political duty.

  3. Clarification – Islam only kills the Kuffar (plural – kafir) in a state of war and then only targets men of military serving age.

    But yes, Islam and politics are always mixed, those who state otherwise have to ignore whole passages of the Quran and pretend certain prophetic sayings do not exist.

  4. For a true Hindu, “dharma” takes a bigger meaning as it makes a person secular if he is a ruler. It is dharma of a leader to protect and provide and lead without being biased for caste, color, creed, religion and everything.

    Hindu philosophy is very broad and all inclusive but Hindu religion, even though based on such a broad ideology, is promoting narrowness within and out because of current involvement of politics.

    Islam generally declares peace when it is in minority and weak (e.g. early day of Mohammad’s prophethood). The moment it grows and has power to manipulate, its political wings come out. There is no religion of Islam but there is always politics of Islam.

    Any religion can get corrupted if enters into politics. When a religion is part politics (e.g. Islam) then the result is always devastating.

  5. Yes, a Dharmic ruler would not be a biased ruler.
    But what is “bias”?
    Isn’t that something very relative?
    Is it not Dharma to be able to take a resonable call when confronted with cross-roads?

    If you can cite an example of what you call “promoting narrowness within and out”, I shall be able to respond better.

  6. The film is nothing but lies perpetuated by islamophobes to initiate fear within society and other non-Muslims.

    Anyone that believes the garbage in that video, is probably narrow minded and knows nothing of neither politics nor Islam.

  7. Please could you list the lies in that film?

  8. ..When you list the truth, I’ll waste my time listing the lies.

  9. Actually I don’t want to list any of Islam’s truths – as long as your remain within your border and don’t transgress into mine.

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