Behind every successful Jinnah, there is a Gandhi – 2

Smt Radha Rajan is back with the second installment analysing why MA Jinnah was so successful. Here’s where you can read her first.

I get the feeling Smt Rajan is chiding Shri Arun Shourie for not being forthright enough while analysing the causes for MA Jinnah’s and therefore Islam’s success. She lights up Shri Shourie’s soft corner for Gandhi which leads him to agree with Shri Jaswant Singh’s rather simplistic conclusion that J Nehru and S Patel were as guilty as MA Jinnah wrt the Matrubhumi’s vivisection.

Then she takes Shri Shourie to task for quoting Shri Girilal Jain as saying “partition was good” as a value in itself. Now this is something I don’t get also. How does Shri Shourie agree with this proposition and still “worship” Gandhi?

Let me explain through pointers –

1. It is true that Gandhi was opposed to partition

2. It is also true that Gandhi was pan-Indian as against pan-Hindu

3. Therefore Gandhi’s United India would have meant status quo wrt Hindu and Muslim political arrangement if not an outright advantage to the Muslim

4. Once partition became reality, Gandhi chose not to abandon his disastrous experiments with Hindu-Muslim unity

5. This simply meant that even though partition of land based on religion/nationality had been decided upon; there was not going to be a corresponding exchange of population

6. This lead to retention of Muslim populace within Hindusthan and consequent expulsion of Hindus from East and West Pakistan – True to type

7. Net net…partition for Hindus, did not earn the same “goodness” that it earned for Muslims. In fact Hindus were back to square one dealing with the same issues they had dealt with with Muslims in United India

Additionally and extremely importantly, Smt Rajan’s analysis of what went wrong and why Hindus were unable to stop this tragedy will point to the need to study history in much more depth if we are to avoid similar tragedies in future. Not merely study but act according to our true wits.

– Namaste


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