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Ishrat Jahan & Co.

This is what Shri Veerappa Moily had to say wrt Metropolitan Magistrate SP Tamang’s statutory inquiry report on the encounter killing of Ishrat Jahan and three others in 2004.

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi would have been in “some other place” if the Ishrat Jahan fake encounter had taken place in a foreign country, Law Minister M Veerappa Moily said today.

He told reporters that Modi could be headed for bigger trouble as “there are many such cases which are coming up now.

If more investigations are conducted, more skeletons may tumble”.

Noting that the law will take its own course, he said the revelations in the Ishrat Jahan encounter was a “very serious matter for the country and….any other foreign country, Narendra Modi would have been in some other place”.

Terming the incident as “most unfortunate”, Moily said “many things are done brutally and inhuman things are being done”.

Palahalli S says – All this from Hindusthan’s Law Minister.  His threats are vulgar and ghoulish.


Palahalli S writes –The charge is that Gujarat police stage-managed the encounter in order to “bump off” arrested innocents and earn brownie points with the Modi administration. The charge, according to this report, stands proved.

The uproar from liberal quarters against Shri Modi is to be expected. This has become a recurring affair ever since the Godhra massacre of Hindus and consequent retaliation by Hindus and so I think it can be ignored for now.

What is even more interesting is the fact that the Union Home Ministry filed an affidavit as recently as last August confirming that Ishrat Jahan and her friends were indeed terrorists. The affidavit is also supposed to have stated that intelligence about this group was provided to Gujarat police by Central agencies.

As of this moment, this ministry stands by the content of it’s affidavit.

We now learn that Gujarat’s High Court has stayed the statutory report.

There are two issues that should not be confused –

1. Were these people bona-fide terrorists/suspects?

2. Was the encounter legitimate?

The current raging debate in the media and blogs largely confuse and mix these two issues thoroughly. We must remember that even though the encounter be fake, these suspects might still be terrorists. Conversely, the encounter being legitimate, these suspects might not have been terrorists in reality.

As it stands today the scales weigh in favor of Ishrat and Co. being terrorists and accessories to terrorists and the falseness of the encounter is yet to be proved in court.

On a similar note I posted this impromptu poem over at Indian Homemaker’s blog in response to CNN/IBN’s discussion on this controversy:

I watched the video,

Shri Colin G was being an absolute liberal,

citing problems and problems with no solutions;

He spoke about judicial lethargy and he is a lawyer himself?

Is he not?

Shri M.N. Singh tried to catch the speeding liberal bus..he slipped..

…and fell very badly..

This former police chief has..had(?)a good sense of the situation..

But for some reason lacked the guts to simply state;

We are at war!

He thought it more correct..to blame Modi and his government;

for instigating the police that Singh himself supported!

The lawyer for the deceased; did his lawyering..

And stayed far far away from the concerned central affidavit,

Only focusing on the act of staged(?) encounter;

The Tamang report is all about Israt teaching and supporting..

Whereas the affidavit is about her befriending terrorists;

Terrorists and accessories can teach and support their families too,

And of course they have their just cause,

Should we as a nation, not have ours?

This battle and many battles…this war..

And many wars..will still be fought hard and bitter..

With liberals on the sidelines or in the middle…obstructing..wondering..

Whateverfor? Why do they fight??

Wonder they will…and continue to wonder..

Will they ever realize, these liberals?

They caused this human plight?!


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