Behind every successful Jinnah there is a Gandhi – 1 – a scathing indictment

Smt Radha Rajan continues to render Hindu society great service by bringing to light well known but barely acknowledged facts of our history.

In her latest series in vigilonline, she traces the rise of Gandhi as an imposed national icon par excellence and the eclipse of all his colleagues and leading personalities and players save Nehru.

These are facts no Hindu nationalist can ignore.

Smt Rajan takes a positive view of the Advani first and then the Jaswant Singh initiated controversy wrt MA Jinnah and the period in question. I share this view strongly. Hindus must grab this opportunity to reassess times and events in the light of facts that were never unknown but on which focus is currently intense.

There is a tendency amidst modern educated Hindus to ignore history and it’s lessons. If remembered at all, it’s as a narrative of what is told to us by court historians and assorted members of the favored harem. This also serves the other purpose of lapsing into dreamy optimism in-spite of all current evidence to the contrary. There is the question of intellectual lethargy and laziness to reckon with.

But dear readers, we must still make an effort to understand and reasses; for our own sakes and for the sake of our generations to come.

– Namaste


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