Some random basic thoughts

Here’s what I think –

Man needs woman. A truism.

Woman needs man. Without doubt.

What follows is children and family. Then as nature indicates strongly, a division of labor should ensue. Children need attention in order to grow into healthy adulthood. Without division of labor amongst parents, this is impossible to meaningfully achieve. Further, children imbibe values of responsibility and dependability from their parents.

[Any parent shirking his or her core parenting responsibility in the name of “personal choice”, “personal aspiration”, “personal growth” etc. is merely inviting similar behavior from their children. Such children when grown up will “correctly” take care of their own “personals” without bothering about their parents. This will be something that was taught to them early. ]

But why should we be so careful? After all, we live only once? – (Do we really?)

We should be careful – in other words, be responsible, because we are not alone. No matter what we do and where we are, we are parts of human society. Our culture and tradition. Our ways of living and worship. Our homes and families and businesses and the manner we conduct them all – build affinities amidst those that are most alike. For me broadly, these are my Hindu culture, society and nation/civilization. That which houses and is home to all of these is Hindusthan.

The manner I accept my adult responsibilities, the manner I conduct myself with respect to my spouse and parents and in-laws, the manner and time I devote to my children and the values I help them imbibe – are all drawn from my culture and tradition that was handed to me by my parents and to them, theirs.

[What is tradition? Traditions are collections of positive and transmitted experiences in tune with our culture]

If done right, the society my family is part of remains strong. If done right, the nation this society is part of remains strong. If done right, the world this nation is part of receives nourishment.

– Namaste


Palahalli S writes – I’ve been thinking and interacting a lot lately with interested and interesting folks. Some very good websites to visit and share your thoughts are these:

The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker

The Thinking Housewife


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