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"Partition was good" – says Shri R Jagannathan

And that is probably one of the very few thing he gets right in his article.

Kone Nakshatra has spoken on the subject several times – Here, here, here and here.

So, what Shri Jagannathan essentially does is to say,

“Look, partition was good because the parties and the leaders would not have been able to work together. See how the Muslim League behaved when it had the chance to work with the Congress. Therefore an undivided Hindusthan would have become hell and that’s why partition was a positive development and we should be thankful to Sardar Patel and Nehru for making it happen”.

Elsewhere he pours forth along the lines of,

“Pakistan’s subsequent history proves that the Muslim League model failed. Hindusthan developed along sound lines with Hindu dominated (??) secularism as it’s political mainstay. It now looks like while the Generals will continue to run Pakistan down with their hatred toward Hindusthan , Hindusthan itself is threatened by it’s brand of Hindu extremists – See Jinnah = Modi.”

– Namaste


Palahalli S – Let’s be clear about one thing. Shri Jagannathan is not saying Muslims should be ruled by Hindu dominated secularism for Hindusthan’s polity to survive and thrive even though he may have implied it with this sentence – “It allowed Pakistan to experiment with its Muslim identity and India with its Hindu-dominated, but secular, ideology. Today it is more or less clear which approach is right.”

The main point is still what I pointed out to earlier – Shri Jagannathan thinks partition would not have happened if the Muslim League and Congress had learnt to work together. The serious error that he commits by taking this position is to assume that Pakistan or some such Muslim State would have not been demanded if the Muslims had, let’s say, been with the Congress. So he’s basically limiting this phenomena to it’s politics and if one were to stick a date to it – 1906, when the League was born.

Well, then there is nothing really to choose from between Shri Jagannathan and the many he accuses of not recognizing partition’s benefits. The former’s position merely ensures that we maintain a fifth column within Hindusthan.  – Is this the reason Shri Jagannathan cannot get to a more realistic root cause? Because then he will have to openly state that Muslims and Hindus are indeed two nations that cannot live within one country’s borders peacefully.

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