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Can the RSS shirk its political responsibility? – asks Smt Rajan

With characteristic force Smt Radha Rajan concludes her recounting of Shri Mohan Bhagwat’s visit to Chennai with these biting words –

In the critical years between 1890 and 1947, there were only four important organizations – the INC, the Muslim League, the Hindu Mahasabha and the RSS. The INC had a preponderance of Hindus but Gandhi declared that the Congress was not a Hindu organization. Thus, here was a political organization which rejected its Hindu identity; the RSS on the other hand, claimed it was a Hindu organization but it had no political objectives and therefore did not make common cause with the explicitly political Savarkar or the Hindu Mahasabha. The fragmentation of the Hindu consciousness began then. The Muslims on the other hand threw in their lot in overwhelming numbers with the Khilafat Committee and with the Muslim League; there was no fragmentation of the Muslim consciousness that adversely impacted upon Muslim political objectives.

The power and strength of the increasing ascendancy of the Muslim League was directly proportionate to the fragmentation and weakening of the Hindu political consciousness and its divergent objectives. The RSS either failed to gauge the extent of Gandhi’s perversion of the freedom movement or if it did see, it failed to deal with the consequences because the RSS refused to involve itself in politics. Its man-making mission had either not created enough cadre to stop the Muslim League in its tracks or the mission did not include political intent. Whatever the RSS and the Hindu Mahasabha did after the bloody vivisection in 1947 was too little and too late. Neither the consequences of Direct Action nor vivisection have been reversed or avenged till date.

According to the press-note handed out to media persons in Chennai on the 15th August, the RSS has undertaken a total of 1,57,776 social activities in 73,397 places across India. Of this, 67,578 is in the area of education, 42,304 is categorized as ‘social’ 30,502- medical and 17,392 is in the economic sector. Tamil Nadu RSS’ share in the all-India statistics is a total of 12,386 service activities across 4,866 places of which 2863 constitute the educational, 1595, medical, 7633, social and 295 in the economic sector. These are impressive numbers and there is no reason why this great activity in our society cannot be transformed into a proactive force that will influence national life. This however depends on how the RSS perceives the ultimate objective of its man-making mission.

It will be futile for the RSS and the last swayamsevak to speak of the Hindu nation if there is no commensurate determination to put in place a Hindu state to protect the Hindu nation. Shri Mohan Bhagwat’s statement that the RSS will influence national affairs, including the polity, is thus both course-correction and reparation for 1947.

Radha Rajan, 18th August, 2009

– Namaste

2 Responses

  1. I think Mohan Bhagawat is intelligent. He surely seems to be better than his predecessor. Being an RSS man and facing the volley of questions that the media throws up. I think we need to give all credit to him. RSS should be more acceptable to people and I guess Bhagawat knows that it cannot be if you fall into the trap set by media.

  2. I agree. However more clarity in articulation will help avoid BJPish pitfalls.

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