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The burqa in Mangalore

The Burqa is fast becoming a contested form of dress across the non-Muslim civilized world. More than Muslims, it’s non-Muslims who contest the right of a Muslima wearing her religious garb. But are they right?

My question is deeper and arises not out of a loss of Minority Right but out of a sense of societal well-being and balance.

In a country such as Hindusthan were there are people of various religions who are not immigrants and extremely religious; in such a country these groups must be allowed to practice their religion in a manner that does not infringe upon the general National wellbeing. If Muslims feel their religion demands the burqa for their women, they must not be disallowed from wearing one.

As far as institutions are concerned, they must not be careless about not having a dress code. If they do not have a dress code, then they must not disallow the burqa. If they feel they must change, then they can change this rule and bring about a dress code that may stipulate disallowing anybody covering their head/face. This particular college in Mangalore is right in changing it’s rule.

But is it not better that Minorities study in their own institutions where they can feel free amongst their own? Free to follow their traditions?

– Namaste


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