I'm a Hindu Zionist! Yeah..that sounds cool and true..

This is a nice little piece from Shri Daniel Pipes in which he basically says there are Jews and there are Jews. Much like there are Hindus and there are Hindus. Here’s how he explains it –

– Namaste

It’s an obvious point, but it needs stating:

  1. Not all Jews are Zionist. Some believe in universal socialism, some support Palestinians, others hold that only God can create a Jewish state or have been disappointed since 1977 when the right first came to power in Israel. Some openly hate Israel, others pretend it does not exist, and the most crafty of them present themselves as Zionist.
  2. Plenty of non-Jews are Zionist. Christian Zionism began in nineteenth-century Great Britain, included many leading American personalities, culminated with Lord Balfour and Harry S Truman, and today, as I put it in 2003, “other than the Israel Defense Forces, America’s Christian Zionists may be the Jewish state’s ultimate strategic asset.”

Therefore, it’s inaccurate to assume Jews support Israel. That assumption also has two regrettable implications: it privileges anti-Zionists among them (“I’m Jewish but … “) even as it marginalizes non-Jewish Zionists.

Jews are adherents of a faith, not a political movement. When speaking of politics, talk about the pro-Israel community or Zionists, but not about Jews.


Palahalli S writes – And why do I identify so closely with the Jewish State? For the simple reason that whenever Hindusthan and Hindus think of how they should conduct themselves as a Country and Nation – let them simply look at Israel and it’s Nationalists.


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