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M A Jinnah is not a demon but is Jaswant Singh right? – Follow up

Did I not say so?

The brainless class has reacted predictably.  Shri Jaswant Singh’s book should have been an opportunity for organizations like the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the much touted pro-Hindu political party, the BJP  to debate threadbare the reasons for partition and more crucially, it’s impact on Hindusthan’s post independence history.

Shri J Singh as was to be expected is already making statements to this effect:

“Its (Pakistan’s) induced and perpetual sense of hostility to India is now somewhat mellowed, it is more confident of itself, therefore, accommodative and is now ready to accept a greater understanding of the many oneness and unities that bond India and Pakistan together. Or is it really ready? Dare I ask?”

I think he should now not say anything more foolish and simply watch how the storm blows.

For those that are still interested in the interview that started the storm, here it is. There are things in that that make sense and I hope to return to this interview soon. Hopefully before the first book review is out.

– Namaste


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