Why does one forget?

I’m prompted to write this post because I missed the birthday of a dear friend and I wondered; how? How does one forget events that seem so dear to one’s thoughts?

Well, there is a straightforward explanation. The thought wasn’t there in reality. Meaning, the emotion required to bring to bear or keep alive the thought was not substantial enough or was absent. Possible.

There are other possibilities too. The possibility of “muddle”. A fact unnoticed by a sincere practitioner of “muddle”.

To such a practitioner, priorities become a haze. In fact, they all look near and very close. Everything is important or nearly close in a race against each other. Therefore it’s easy to miss out on the most important and grasp the least.

I’m reminded of a third possibility. A mystical forgetfulness. I’m reminded of Kalidasa’s play Abhijñānaśākuntalam. 

Dushyanta’s loss of memory at the sight of Shakuntala and their son (whom he does not know about). But his memory is linked to the presence or absence of the royal signet ring he has given Shakuntala when they meet last.

Durvasa’s curse is indeed harsh on the couple. Shakuntala provokes it with her absentmindedness.

Now Dushyanta cannot remember without the ring.

The reader will appreciate that their mutual adoration is not linked to the ring. It’s more like a key to the lock of realization.

So to transport us back to the present, don’t we all have our signet rings we either lose or keep close to us?

Our very own Kone Nakshatras (Last Stars)?

Sometimes we find the ring again and win back what we seem to have lost. We must find “that” ring. Nothing else in replacement will do.

On a wider note, this last is the hope of every culture, nation and civilization. Those that find their rings will survive and be happy.

– Namaste


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