Be inclusive and celebrate differences – How? Why?

Be inclusive and celebrate differences

To identify, understand, celebrate differences and drive company  spirit through collaboration, cross leverage and augmentation, the Diversity and Inclusion council is organizing a series of awareness programs and contests over the next week. From quiz and slogan competitions to an artistic potpourri contest to satiate your creative craving, get ready to tackle themes on diversity, inclusion and collaboration. Your family members are also welcome to participate in the art potpourri contest.

– Namaste


Palahalli S writes –The above is a fair representation of most Corporate drives as part of their involvement in Corporate Social Responsibility, the so called CSR.

So it is fair to assume that every major company is working on a diktat of some sort. The language employed in the advertisement above, for instance, demands of us certain behaviors – “Be inclusive and celebrate differences”. Or else..

Assuming folks comply; which I see as a remote possibility in Hindusthan – but assuming nevertheless, how would one go about achieving this goal?

1. Do we forget reality outside of the company campus?

2. Do we somehow rationalize such reality to make it suite our Goal expectations?

3. Do we play-act? Or act dumb?

4. Or assuming further, that such exercises do serve a positive aim in understanding each others differences rather than merely celebrating them; should it not be our expectation that differences are discussed threadbare? In such situations, what happens if differences are not found to be worthy of celebration?

5. Should an employer bother himself with such matters at all when clearly, he is not capable of resolving them?

6. Are such drives a part of a larger liberal infrastructure with media and pliant political parties as other arms?

7. Are such exercises “market-driven”?

Palahalli S says further – All of this speaks to an all too common phenomenon we witness in our day. The “want” to initiate change. Not just the “want” but an earnest desire to force change to suite one’s fashion of the day. This is true of the market place and of ways of life. Even when change is not required is there this intense manufactured urge to “want” change.  This can manifest at an individual level as well as (as we see above) at a Group level.

There does seem a connexion between this kind of modern desire for change and the liberal environment we see all around us.

Liberalism in essence means there are no outer limits. Physical or mental. There are no outer limits to a nation’s borders (and hence there are no “nations” in the liberal mindscape) and there are no  outer limits to what a man can think or do. Since man is seen to be sovereign in his right to decide what is best for himself without any consideration for his environment (society), such man is boundless and is with limitless possibilities. All very romantic.

This also means that there is no check on man. So apart from getting change, one makes way for disasters in equal measure.

Now the above thought need not be construed as propagating status quo. Man is not a great believer in status quo. However, man is tuned to think. He uses his ability to reason and blend this reason with his experience and then make sense out of his environment. Man also has considerations. His nation, society, his family, his loved ones, his acquaintances etc. So any decision man makes, must necessarily keep in mind these many factors and possible impact on them too. Such a man is conservative in his decision making. Such a man will refuse to change for the mere fad of the act.

So when I speak against the liberal “want” of change, my recommendation would be to choose “considered” change.


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