State & violence

Sometime back I had alluded to the post-modern liberal hesitation is using violence as a means to further national security. This hesitation to my mind, is apparent because there is no commitment to nor understanding of the concept of “nation” even-though the word itself is bandied about quite freely.

This liberal hesitation and typical self-denial is furthered by a well entrenched rootless liberal media that seeks to perpetuate itself through an ever tightening stranglehold over the “mind” of the State.

In the first article you notice how utter confusion or more honestly, lack of spine, is made fashionable in the face of the most obvious evidence to the contrary. (Pala S – Evidence of Pakistan’s murderous intent against Hindu India.) In the second you will see how anarchists and perpetrators of terror against innocents, in the dark guise of “human rights” activists, react to the State’s use of righteous violence against their own terror.

Net net, there is hardly any real difference in the outer views of both. One that purports to protect a nation and the other that wants it’s destruction.  Both claim to be against the use of violence.

However the former translates to national suicide and the latter really seeks a national homicide. Further, what facilitates the existence of both these views on the same platform is secular-liberalism.

Article 1

Under attack from his critics in Parliament, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made a spirited defence of his policy of engaging Pakistan. He has revealed a policy shaped perhaps by short-term tactical considerations, but structured within the framework of an overarching strategic vision. Critics may question his commitment to engaging Pakistan as a show of weakness, but in the long run there is, as Singh pointed out, no other option save war. Even to discuss issues of importance to India such as terror emanating from Pakistan, it requires interlocutors in Islamabad.

Article 2

What do you mean by the state’s ‘military campaign’?

Responsible people at the Centre have been making bellicose statements about launching a military campaign against those (Pala S – Naxalites/Maoists who have themselves murdered scores of innocent people) opposing the state. There’s talk of doing what Sri Lanka did. Such talk is an obscenity in the light of the deprivation faced by majority of our people. I won’t call it poverty. A lot of energy and discipline have to be extended to keep this poverty in its place. Till now, Adivasis and Dalits have had to face structural violence that deprives them of nutrition and basic survival needs. Thousands of our children are paying with their lives for the economic policies of the state; there’s a continuous famine for certain sections of our citizens. But now, they may have to face guns and bombs if they protest.

– Namaste


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