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Prophet & picture

Question – How does a Multi-Cultural society find peace within itself?

Answer – If it’s multiple cultures can talk to each other and find common ground.

Where does one find common ground here?

– Namaste

Allahabad: A book titled ‘Udayimaan Bhartiya Samaj Mein Shikshak’ (Teachers in Emerging India) has raised hackles of Uttar Pradesh’s political class as well as Muslims for carrying a picture of Prophet Mohammed. Islam doesn’t permit publication of pictures of the Prophet. 

The picture is on page 403 of chapter ‘Manav Uthaan ke Liye Vibhinn Dharmo ka Yogdaan’ (Contribution of Various Religions In Uplift Of Mankind) of the book written by Yuvraj Dutt, a former faculty member at a postgraduate college in Lakhimpur Kheri. Dutt told TOI that the Prophet’s picture is freely available on the internet and was downloaded from there. Incidentally, the picture was added in the third edition of the book in 2009. 

Responding to a question whether the book was meant for BEd course, UP higher education director Miya Jaan said: “The book has never recommended as a textbook. Moreover, district authorities have already banned its sale and publication.’’ Such books, he said, can never be recommended as textbooks. “Besides, registrars of various universities have told me that the book never formed part of the BEd syllabus in their universities,’’ he said. 

Meanwhile, former state minister and senior SP leader Ujjawal Raman Singh expressed dismay. He said SP workers would take to the streets and also raise the issue in the Assembly.


Palahalli S writes – If two cultures cannot live together, they must live separately. Picturization comes naturally to Hindus. Islam teaches something that’s diametrically opposite. To force a Hindu not to picturize a person is to suppress his culture. The liberal notion and fad of multi-culturalism will eventually lead us to much greater disaster.

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