Flogging as an art in Malaysia

The subject matter of this post, as readers might have already guessed, is not that the cane is being wielded on the unfortunate model but the more subtle art of wielding it, as explained by a mufti.

If readers feel outraged at my utter lack of sympathy – well, all I can say is what else do they expect from an Islamic society? All this is in order. Recognize it.

If one still wants to drink beer, let them live away (better still – Convert and remain to convert more) and convert to a religion that allows more freedom.

Now coming back to the art as explained by Harussani Zakaria –

“The cane to be used in this case is not the same as in prison and they will be fully dressed (when being caned), because it’s meant to shame them. Even if a person is caned 40 times, it won’t cause death,” Harussani said.

– Namaste


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