No such thing as “good” and “bad”, only “legal” and “illegal”

That seems to be the slogan of our liberals. When one ponders more; one realizes the great truth it embodies. Truth as liberals would have it.

We all know that the liberal creed encapsulates two main premises.

1. Individual rights are supreme and cannot be overridden (except by the state, on the rare occasions that liberals see fit)

2. All individuals/cultures are equal and hence there cannot be any kind of discrimination between them.

Having imbibed this creed, modern liberals do not rest until the world has imbibed them too. So self-righteous are they about these “absolute truths”.

Now, human society being what it is, is slow on the uptake and is slower to imbibe such “values”. Some societies plainly will refuse to imbibe. Such societies then become unreliable partners in this liberal crusade. What then can force society to bend and comply? The only other available instrument that can actually attempt this is the state. The state with it’s coercive powers can try to force society to change it’s ways. Change as the liberal would want it to.

So it does not surprise me at all that liberals have rallied against society’s most important institutions – Family and Marriage. (It is these institutions that cradle the values every society worth it’s salt, lives by.) The recent campaigns for the legalization of so-called “sexual minority” mores and now the move toward “legalizing” prostitution, proves this beyond a shadow of doubt.

It is human society and it’s institutions that teaches us about good and bad, not the state. The state merely dictates what is legal and illegal and then enforces. However, the state depends on the society to guide it. Any liberal intervention causes a dangerous rift between society and state and when society loses the battle to liberal “values”, it is liberals who claim the right to speak for it (society) and on it’s behalf. One needs only to observe the aftermath of the Delhi High Court fiasco on section 377 to realize this fact. Liberals now think they can push any pet agenda they have to success.

I came across an immensely meaningful cartoon about what can happen when the state partners the liberal agenda or when human society* loses out to liberalism.


*I pit human society against the liberal only because the stated liberal premises undercut society’s natural human laws at the very root. The liberal in effect, de-humanises society and hollows it from within.

– Namaste


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