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Prohibition and tragedy

I’m against any state policy that prohibits the consumption of liquor. That said, the only Indian state that till date retains such a policy is the state of Gujarat. How can I support Gujarat’s policy even though I whole heartedly support Shri Narendra Modi?

I cannot.

And I strongly suspect the Gujarat government under Shri Modi also would not mind dumping such a policy in the trash-can of useless laws. Why else would his government make a demand on the Union government that they reimburse the state to the tune of Rs 3000 crores per annum as “cost of loss against excise duty” for upholding Gandhian values.”

More eloquently, in the words of the Adviser to the chief minister SK Shelat, said,

“There is no question of shedding prohibition. It is impossible to liberalise it either. It is a social cause to which Gujarat is committed for the last several decades. We want the Centre to compensate for the loss to the state coffers due to ban on the sale of liquor in Gujarat. The Centre must pay up for the social cause”.

Now, does this sound like a government that’s sincerely wedded to prohibition? Obviously Shri Modi is sending our liberal & very Gandhian Union government a stark message – “Suggest that the state of Gujarat repeal prohibition and call off your hyenas.”

I’m presenting here two pieces of evidence that Shri Modi is more than willing to lift prohibition but he will never allow the Congress to bask in the heat that get’s generated. He’s too smart to let that happen.

Evidence 1

“When Modi relaxed the prohibition policy we put graffiti all over Gujarat quoting Gandhiji that “alcohol is an invention of Satan”. No need to guess who is Satan today!”

Evidence 2

Intensifying the fight against the Narendra Modi government’s move to relax prohibition in Gujarat, more than a hundred voluntary organisations and Gandhian institutions took out a huge rally here on Wednesday demanding “total prohibition” in the State.

Various assorted secularists have never condemned these campaigns and resolutions. So it is intrigueing when an eminent liberal like Shri Anil Dharker writes his tripe spewing venom on Shri Modi’s demand of grant from the center.

There is no doubt that this liberal innately hates Shri Modi’s guts and longevity. But since he is a peace loving liberal and not a hate-mongering conservative; he feels the need to couch his love for Shri Modi in language that could be called “cause-worthy”.

Savour Shri Dharker’s diaorrhea if you can –

“In any case, it seems like a travesty to reduce “Gandhian values” to a prosaic ban on liquor. That is to reduce the Mahatma to a mere moral prude. (And if you have to go that way, he had strange ideas about practicing sexual abstinence within marriage. That’s a kind of prohibition as well. Why doesn’t Gujarat take care of that too?)” – (Pala S – Well, perhaps his Congressite friends would like to take that question)

“If the world respects Gandhi, it is not for these foibles; it reveres him for his ideas of satyagraha and ahimsa and his constant adherence to truth. The whole freedom struggle was based on these ideals, every action, every movement springing from them. Those are the real Gandhian values. Where does Modi’s Gujarat stand on satyagraha and ahimsa and truth? Was ahimsa much in evidence during the state-sponsored violence of 2002?” – (Pala S – If I were Shri Dharker’s father, I would knock his head and give him a basic lesson on our struggle against the British. I could lecture him for days without ever mentioning Gandhi. But it’s so clear that this truthful liberal liar has no sense of Gandhi let alone any worth of the values he espoused. He will pick and choose what “values” suite his fashionable liberal wardrobe and what don’t. One word -Fadist.)

And now the tragedy.

Shri Mallya would have the world and us believe that illicit liquor trade and consequent deaths will vanish once prohibition is lifted.

He has a very short memory or he too takes lessons from Shri Dharker.

Final takeaway – Prohibition should go. Laws against drunkenness must take on much greater severity. That’s a good balance.

– Namaste


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