Is prostitution in India illegal?

I’ve been raking my brains about the current clamor to “legalize” prostitution in this country. The group-think being that it’s illegal. So I did my research and found that prostitution by itself is not illegal – however trafficking in it, is.

The main reason for the above clamor to “legalize” seems to be so prostitutes can ply their trade without fear or favor. They can get medical attention without having to bribe their way about it. This “legalization” will help cut-out the pimps and their friends.

Here’s the thing – The current law already targets traffickers i.e. pimp & friends.

So now if prostitution is not illegal and trafficking is illegal what then are folks clamoring for?

I get the feeling the problem is not that of “legalization” but that of “legitimization”. What might provide legitimacy of sorts could be licensing and taxing of this trade.

But it’s not all that simple.

Liberals are now talking about bringing prostitution on par with “any other business” a-la “Pretty Woman”

The important point that clamorers must address is will their version of “legalizing” prostitution, end or even control trafficking? If not, what’s the big deal?

– Namaste


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