Was Netaji Bose alive after Taipei?

This is Shri Harish Krishnan’s second article on a subject that is fast losing lustre in this country.

But that’s not the point. The point is that the incidence of Netaji’s mysterious “death” has been left hanging for people to speculate and/or draw their own conclusions from private investigations.

Reminds me of the Kennedy conspiracy. At least here, intellectuals and commoners have been free to debate every possible angle and have had maximum if not total access to important material.

Apart from treating Netaji’s person in such a shabby manner, as expected from his enemies; the fact that facts of his ending has been left to hang loose is something that must torment our national memory. But it doesn’t.

Therein lies the key to successive government’s successes in putting it’s people to sleep. Therein lies a larger lesson for our nationals.

– Namaste

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was one of the greatest sons of Mother India. He has inspired millions during and after our struggle for freedom. Netaji was also the British Raj’s most reviled personality. They saw Netaji as an imminent threat to British supremacy. Netaji through his Indian National Army (INA) set out to do something as different and diametrically opposite to Gandhiji’s Satyartha. It invoked tremendous response amongst the Indian component of Britain’s Indian army that stood at close to 90%.

The INA venture is regarded as a big fiasco in our history books which has been written mostly by communists and congressmen to further their ideological cause. Nevertheless the reasons for INA’s initial success and failure have never been discussed to make an average Indian aware of the impact that Netaji had on our freedom struggle. Indeed INA didn’t succeed in its goal of freeing India, nor did Gandhiji’s Dandi march or the Quit India movement. However the INA did set an alternate trend, culminating in the Royal Navy mutiny of 1946.

The reasons the then PM of Britain Clement Attlee enunciated for making India an independent country does mention the economical instability due to World War-II, failing loyalty of Indian armed forces etc. Clement Attlee in a debate with Winston Churchill on the issue of Indian independence in the House of Commons asked Churchill if he could assure the loyalty of the British-Indian armed forces to the Raj. Churchill didn’t have an answer. Thanks to the communist and the congress propaganda these facts have never been reported.

It was well known that Nehru and Bose didn’t see eye to eye on various issues. Nehru always considered Bose as a political adversary. Despite immense popularity of Bose in India, the congress governments of Nehru-Indira didn’t consider it fit to unveil the portrait of Bose in the parliament house. It took the Janata Party government headed by Morarji Desai and efforts of parliamentarian Samar Guha, a die-hard Bose fan to accord due recognition to Bose 30 years after Indian independence by unveiling his portrait in the Indian Parliament. Even today the pariah status of INA veterans is appalling. It’s also a fact that even after 60 years of Independence Netaji’s death is shrouded in mystery and subsequent governments never displayed the urge or political will to enliven debate on the issue and bring a logical conclusion to the same.

I happened to chance upon the book “Back from the Dead- Inside the Subhash Bose Mystery” written by Anuj Dhar, when I was casually browsing the internet. This book caught my attention and without much ado I ordered the same from Manas Publications. It took close to a fortnight for me to read this 400 page book carefully. The book is well researched. Anuj Dhar deserves accolades for his efforts in demystifying the Netaji “death mystery”. The book also reveals some shocking outcomes of his investigation. This investigation was published in the Hindustan Times but nevertheless it never caught the attention that it indeed deserved through other media houses.

I will list some of the important takeaways from the book –

– The received narration that he died on Aug 17th 1945 in a plane crash in Taipei is a complete farce and no such plane crash took place.

– Why would Nehru always jump the gun and declare Netaji dead, whenever the issue propped up during parliamentary debates?

– Why did the Shah Nawaz and Khosla committee do such a shoddy job in investigating the issue? How could a commission that is investigating the plane crash theory ascertain a plane crash without visiting the site of crash?

– Why is it that all files related to Netaji got destroyed in the governmental archives? Who destroyed them, why and how??

– It’s clear that Netaji orchestrated his death with Japanese help. If so where did he proceed to? It’s likely that he went to Russia through Manchuria to meet Stalin. Why is it that our government has not been willing to approach the Russian authorities now that the communist regime is dead and Russians are more than willing to part with information?

– Why is it that Capt Lakshmi Sehgal, an INA veteran who all through her life didn’t accept the plane crash theory suddenly change color to support the plane crash? Does it have something to do with her nomination for presidential post against Dr. Kalam?

– Why did the government of Manmohan Singh reject the findings of Mukherjee commission set up by the NDA government which clearly ruled out the plane crash theory; without citing any reasons?

– Its believed that Netaji died in 1985 as Bhagwanji alias Gumnami Baba alias Dashnami Baba in Faizabad. How is it that Bhagwanji was in possession of many items related to Bose?

– The interesting twist is that the handwriting of Bhagwanji matched with that of Bose. Thanks to Anuj Dhar and Hindustan times for the same. Why has the government not taken cognizance of this fact?

– Why is the government not willing to get DNA test done on the ashes believed to be of Netaji housed in Renkoji Temple, Japan?

– Why did the PV Narasimha Rao government jump the gun and declare Bharat Ratna “posthumously” to Netaji when there was no conclusive evidence of his death?

– Did Pranab Mukherjee meet Bose’s daughter in Germany? Did that make her change her stance on Bose’s death and comply with the plane crash theory?

– Letters written by RSS chief Golwalkar highly eulogizing Bhagwanji were found. What is the link between an obscure Baba and the RSS chief?

There are many such loopholes that Shri. Anuj Dhar has pointed out and one needs to read the book to get the real feel for it. As they say; “Truth can never be suppressed”. Anuj Dhar’s work is the starting point. The need of the hour is to bring awareness amongst fellow Indians about the same and hence force government to take a stance on this issue and close the matter once and for all by reaching a logical conclusion.

India deserves to know what happened to her greatest son.


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