Spot the Jew

Off and on I visit my olde’ haunt ‘Churumuri’ and browse through discussions there. In one particular thread the talk veers toward conspiracy theories and a commenter had this to say –

(start quote) “Khan Sahib,

I agree there have been conspiracies against Muslims globally. I believe 26/11 was one. Purely by the fact that in the dead-list, there weren’t Jews present in the twin towers on that day. It would be a real hell of a co-incidence for that to happen. And there has been a crusade against the Muslims by the Christians since along time, and it still continues.

The actual fight is between the Jews and the Muslims. All others have been caught in the crossfire. Jews want to dominate, and the Muslims just don’t know when to quit. The others like Christians have joined the Jews, thinking that they are on the winning side. Irrespective of the fact that Jesus Christ was crucified by none other than the Jews.

India on the other hand is neutral on the whole issue. Probably now there seems to be a Israeli tilt in our foreign affairs. But yet most of the time we remain neutral.” (end quote)

I have a theory about “conspiracy theories”. That is “conspiracy theories are always popularized by folks who sympathize with actual aggressors.” The truth of which I will leave to readers to test.

Now I have also heard reasonably sensible folk partake of this (Jews/911) tripe without question. Frankly all have been Muslims. However the commenter who made this particular charge seemed Hindu. So the next thing I did was do a Google search to see if I could find out more. What I did get to was a whole lot of information that included such facts as victims not having been databased under their ‘religion’ heads. I also saw a list of the dead.

Since Jews have fairly representative names I would think professional Jew baiters and their sympathisers could identify the Jew/s from this dark list.

There is nothing more to be said on this sickening subject.

– Namaste


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