Sarkozy’s veil

My friend Shri Harish Krishnan sent me this link to an article that speaks of the latest burqa brouhaha in France.  Well, it would be nice to think another European nation’s picked up courage to speak for its civilizational ethos and against the decease of multi-culturalism. I’m not convinced.

I’ll pick from the article and explain why.

To start with, President Sarkozy’s use of the burqa is not part of a larger deeper message – it ends at the burqa.

He speaks of the dress as “a symbol of subservience that suppresses women’s identities and turns them into “prisoners behind a screen.”” but refuses to consider the simple fact that world conquering Islam innately finds free womanhood (I’m not talking about feminist ‘equality’, that I find so ridiculous) a luxury that distracts from its worldly mission. That even a burqa clad Muslima is part and parcel of this restless Islam. The Muslima don’t mind being in burqa. Their role is well understood.  

So this fulmination against the dress is shallow.

The article then sheds light on the French illusion of drawing immigrants in in the hope that they become French – somehow will imbibe French culture and then will ‘assimilate’ with the French nation. A caricature of this would be me becoming a Westerner via the use of forks and spoons. Looks like the French establishment was serious about this but did not gain any currency with their own nationals. The complaint being immigrant children not getting a ‘fair’ shot at the French dream.

Then we find more observations on how rotten the burqa is and how far removed from French values. Nothing still against the system that gives it the prestige.

This following statement is akin to saying the french kiss is actually not a kiss at all.

“The burqa is not a religious sign, it’s a sign of subservience, a sign of debasement — I want to say it solemnly,” he said. “It will not be welcome on the territory of the French Republic.”

Meaning, the burqa in not being a religious sign has nothing to do with Islam and is stand-alone. I realize the French have a funny propensity to secularize everything but this ought to take the cake! And therefore my initial doubt about basic instincts.

I’m now bypassing some Islamic observations on this speech because I want to look at other important things this President said.

“But Sarkozy also said immigrants face economic challenges in France, and the government needs to do more to help them.”

“Who doesn’t see that our integration model isn’t working any more?” Sarkozy said. “Instead of producing equality, it produces inequality. Instead of producing cohesion, it creates resentment.”

Is it not most natural for a liberal in conservative ‘burqa’ (what else can one call a philanderer who also tolerates something like Carla Bruni?) to complain about an integration model that produces resentment rather than cohesion but nevertheless commits more government dole to help immigrants tide over their natural challenges? So what he’s saying is to keep scratching the sore but apply an ointment so as to avoid it becoming septic. The problem with this is that the wound deepens and spreads dangerously, eventually poisoning the body.

Games are best played in the field and for fun and not with the future of great nations.

– Namaste


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