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On religion and Gods – Further

–Varta continued–

I have received Shri Prithvi’s second part of his response in this ongoing debate. I have posted the same here. My response will follow as soon as I’m free to write –

Shri Prithvi on my stance on the need to discuss the existence of God –

I think we should definitely discuss the existence of God, maybe as a separate topic once we conclude the present one.

Shri Prithvi on my view of man’s relationship with God –

I agree that it is natural to be happy or unhappy with someone or something. But most people I know and most people I have noticed, visit temples and churches to ASK for something and rarely just to give thanks. If you go to a temple and only express gratitude and say thanks, it is awesome. I admire that. But not all people do that. A lot of them even say that they will come back and put so much money in the hundi if their wishes come true. This is what I meant when I said it is like a bribe. There are very few people who go to Tirupati or any other temple for that matter, only to say “Thank you.”

Shri Prithvi on my view of causation or Karma –

“We will reap what we sow”, “We will suffer our Karma.” Will we really? Yes and no. My concern here is that the future generations will reap it more and will feel the effect to a larger extent than we will in our life times. I am talking here about the bad ones we sow.

Shri Prithvi on my reasoning that people under Godless rule pined for religion and God –

Can you give me examples of this or point me to some place where I can find them? Thanks.

Shri Prithvi on my view on the Secular State and Hindu Temples –

Good point. It is very strange that the secular govt. would not think of using the money to help the needy.
I am just wondering aloud; Maybe it is the corruption and mentality of the people running the Govt. Maybe one proposes using it and the other opposes it. Maybe the Hindus, Christians and Muslims in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha fight amongst themselves as to whose money they should use. Maybe the Hindus say why use the temple money and tell the Christians and the Muslims that they should be using church and mosque money and vice versa and this keeps going on and the issue never gets resolved? They never reach any consensus.

Shri Prithvi on the relationship between the Temple and Hindu society –

This used to be the case, but is it true even today? Like I say later below, I was not aware of Govt. control over the temples, so maybe they have too many restrictions on their spending now.

Shri Prithvi on the Secular State and Temples vis a vis Churches and Mosques –

I was not aware of this. I think this is absurd that there is this discrimination. As an atheist I would say – if we had no religion, we would not have this problem at all. Everyone would be equal.

Shri Prithvi on my views on man’s natural proclivity toward religion –

What is the basis of religion? Who made religion and why? Religion is man made. Religion has been and is the cause for most wars in history and in the present day. Religion has been the cause of millions of deaths in the past, in the present and it will be in the future too. That is why I call it a bane to society. When innocent people, when innocent children and women are being killed in the name of religion where is this God? Why isn’t he preventing them from being killed? How can he be so inhuman to just sit/stand where ever he is and watch a child die? When you see a little kid on the street with no food and no clothes, how do you explain his/her situation? How can this god see this child starve? What has the child done to deserve this? When an animal is sacrificed in the name of god, does he just sit and watch the poor thing struggle, suffer and die? Isn’t that sadistic?

When you say the experiments that abolished religion and God failed, what and how do you mean? Failed in what sense. Could you point me to some information/links to this? I would like to read more about it. Honestly the only one I am aware of is communism. And not having any religious belief is only a minor part of communism. Communism failed mostly because of excessive egalitarianism not because they said there was no god.

Consider this, everywhere in the world every child is taught to obey their parents and elders and not to question that authority. The parents and elders teach religion to their children and the children take it on faith because they don’t know better and they have been told not to question the elders. They are too young to think for themselves and they have to rely on their parents and their parents judgement, (this is probably a survival instinct). When these children grow up, even if they can think for themselves they are afraid to because they are used to a certain way of life by now. And in the process of growing they have also accumulated different fears like the fear of death and the fear of being born as something else in a next life. So they find it comforting to hold on to their religious beliefs and the belief in god. They then impart the same to their children and the cycle continues.

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