To meat or not to? – Is that a question? Contd

–Varta continued–

Since I was away all these days, posts and comments have been pending. I’m sorry about that.

Taking on from where this discussion got left off;

Shri Deepak says in conclusion –

Justifications and excuses can go on forever.

However, aesthetecism and higher values are invariably in favour of vegetarians.

I agree with you — even Abraham Lincoln was non-veg. However, he was noble too.

Also remember Shaw’s words: World will continue to be torn by strife and wars as long as man kills dumb animals unnecessarily.

Shri Kharaharapriya says in response to Smt Larissa’s “beef” remark –

I want proof on the same as to where in Rig Veda, is it specified that cow slaughter is permitted? Lets assume for the sake of argument that such a thing existed. That is no reason why cow slaughter should be allowed? There are instances of cannibalism in India itself. The kapalikas used to drink human blood. Their presence is documented in shankara digvijaya. So does that mean that we allow drinking human blood, because it used to be practised long ago.

There are thousands of references which seek protection of gau mata. There are specific verses which talk of the repurcussions of gau hatya. We know its revered as Kamadhenu. Arun Shourie debated with the leftist historian Shrimali on aap ki adalat and Shrimali couldn’t point to one single verse from the vedas. He just stuck to rhetoric saying he forgot the verse etc etc.

This wikipedia entry documents rig-vedic verses which prohibit cow slaughter.

BTW, I have no problem if people want to follow non-vegetarianism, except for beef though.

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