Attacked in Australia

Here’s the story.

There seem to be two kinds of attacks on Hindu students, mainly in Victoria. “Opportunistic” and “Motivated”.

“Opportunistic” being those that may be compared to “normal” crime. In the sense not an attack because of race but an attack because an opportunity presented itself to a criminal in search of one.

“Motivated” being those motivated by specific intent to do harm because of race, language etc.

How does one deal with such reality?

Let’s look at what the Federation of Indian Students of Australia has to say – (My comments are indicated **)

1. Multicultural Police Force for Victoria and Governance

– Crime statistics be made public

** Our students must remember that they go to Australia to study and not to take over administration. On various counts there are close to 90,000 Hindu students in Australia. I would not be far off wrong if I say none of these are citizens leave alone nationals of Australia. They certainly have a right to expect a safe and secure environment but no right whatsoever to demand a say in how the local police force is composed. This would be akin to having German, Russian and British presence in the Goan police department. Yes, crime statistics must be made public if there is no way of knowing the numbers today.

2. Racial Tolerance and Awareness
– An Advertisement Campaign: Welcoming international students and highlighting their contribution to the Australian economy.
– Counsel young Australians

** I don’t like the sound of this. Are we trying to say Australians in general dislike Hindus because of their race? If this is indeed true then why are we there in the first place? More, why the hell are we contributing to their economy?? To an economy that does not inherently respect our presence. I don’t see an advertisement campaign really helping here. The most it will do is to engender greater bitterness amongst locals because we are actually going to be saying..“look, this is how much money we give you, so now give us our respect!”. No, I don’t see this helping at all.

I also got the feeling, now confirmed, that we intend to “convert” Australians over to accepting our culture or in any event recognizing it as one part of their National Identity. This is a very wrong tack. We have absolutely no authority to push Australians to accept something they did not bargain for. Sure they advertised and invited our students over. Many of them will even pass out and work in Australia. But how does this give us the right to transform their National frame? Their conception of who they are and what their country is? Can we instead not merge with their culture? Becoming part of them? If not, why not? Because we probably think we cannot? If we cannot merge is it right to stay on? Think!

3. Compensation: Blanket insurance policy for all students covering:
– Ambulance
– Accidents
– Assaults

** If I were an Australian authority I would throw this right out the window. Indian students must make do with what is available to all Australian citizens. Nothing more.

4. Declare and increase police and vigil in ‘International Student High Risk Zones’ including train stations and other public transport nodes.

** Why not ask for a homeland for our students? Why not? Really.

5. Adequate on campus accommodation for all international students.

** I don’t know how this connects with the violence, but it’s pretty harmless.

6. Funding for ‘FISA International Student Integration Program’.

** What does “integration” mean? What would this program aim to accomplish?

– Namaste


Pala S – So far I don’t see FISA doing much good but such are the times we live in. To suggest that our students come back or merge is to succumb to some sort of local fascism. To resist coming back or resist merger with the larger nation is somehow moral and Multi-Cultural. Or is it moral because it is Multi-Cultural?

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