Why Ewald Stadler is correct

On Monday the 25th May, a Sikh congregation was attacked by a rival Sikh group over differences  that overtly appear to be religious. The violence occurred in Vienna, Austria.

Fortunately the attack occurred within the enclosure of the Temple/Gurudwara and non-Sikhs were not harmed even in cross-fire.

What should be made of all this?

Religious differences exist in every country. Religious violence exists too, in various degrees, in every country. However should these facts blind us to the incongruity of intra-Sikh violence in Vienna? So far away from India and far removed from the impulses that gave rise to this violence?

One can argue that these Sikhs were mostly Austrians and so India does not come into the picture. Well, in that case I must say that this argument is false. Sikhism is not an Austrian panth. The visiting Gurus were not Austrian. By no means is the Granth, Austrian. So how does saying these Sikhs are Austrian, wash? It doesn’t.

Whatever may be the differences within the Sikh panth it is to be settled within India. If differences and especially violent manifestations of these differences make their appearance in non-Sanatana Dharmic lands the authorities in these host lands are well within their rights to revoke citizenship of and deport the offending minority.

That is why I support Ewald Stadler of the Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZÖ) when he says, “problem gurus and hate preachers” should not be allowed into the country.” and “We cannot become the marching field for all the insane.”


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