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What's best amongst similar pins?


This newspaper cartoon is not RK Laxman’s but it depicts his ‘common man’.

When I saw it this morning I had to wonder what this scene meant. What immediately comes to mind is the notion of common citizenry finally having their chance at tripping those leaders they don’t like. It can additionally mean a time of reckoning for political hopefuls and a message that they would forget the ‘common man’ at their own peril.

But can it not also mean that electors do not really see any difference in the current bunch of competitors and are happy to see some of them or any of them standing after their shot? The placing of pins, in the eyes of voters, can mean the degrees of acceptance they allocate contestants. It’s like this; I know a bunch of hopefuls and I also know they display little or no difference in their policies and ideology, so I will choose to vote for them on basis of what I otherwise like of them. Or what I think they have done for ‘me’ and ‘mine’. Perhaps on basis of what my friends and family decide. I might not waste my time studying their policies only because I know there are no differences…or at least differences that will make me want to find them and decide on their basis.

It’s sad but I feel it’s closest to the truth. Not a very nice thought one day before counting.

– Namaste


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