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Legalize illegal immigration to reduce crime by illegal immigrants

This is what Shri John Hooper, the Guardian’s Rome correspondent of many years implies when he claims a downward crime trend vis a vis illegal immigrants when illegal immigrants are legalized by government. Listen at 00:01:50

Shri John Hooper was being sounded out on Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s recent statement trashing the idea of Multi-Ethnicity for Italy.

Displaying the usual liberal “crumble-down” tactics, Shri Hooper also says that since Italy always has been multi-ethnic in that it has accepted the Germans, the French, the Slavs etc historically; Shri Berlusconi’s move against illegal immigration from Africa is misplaced. Not to forget, at a 7% immigrant population, Italy is being asked to deny it’s own unique culture. Obviously so as not to offend the “invaluable” diversity it rears.

How familiar all of this sounds to us Hindus. It usually starts with – “What Hindus? Who Hindus?”. “Hindus of  a Hinduism that actually does not exist”. “Hindus are so diverse they are not a nation, nay cannot be a nation unto themselves”. “India is full of minorities and micro minorities, so Hindus cannot claim India as their own home and home to their unique civilization because, they themselves are made up of various kinds of minorities. Thus it is wrong to speak of Hindus as Hindus.”  It just goes on and on and on.

Anything must and should be used to “crumble-down” a whole, living national entity so that diverse smaller elements may be more easily accomodated without them feeling the need to imbibe the cultural values and mores of the larger and rooted national entity. This method assures the politically correct and generous-to-a-terrible-fault Liberal that minorities and immigrant ethnicities are indeed safe from being absorbed; thereby preserving their own seperateness and so ensuring diversity.

Liberal bottom line – Do anything to placate the minority. Do more than anything to placate the most aggressive minorities. For not doing so will attract the charge of being intolerant toward minorities and being against “diversity” and worse to being fascist and conservative.

– Namaste


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