A plain truth, repeated

I am so taken up with a profound truth uttered by Harbans Mukhia, a sworn enemy of Hinduism while making his defense of true secularism; that I feel it’s worth every body’s while that I repeat it here again, carefully –

“But the renewal of hope also raised questions about the nature of secularism in the Indian context. To understand it, we might distinguish between a proselytising religious (or non-religious) ideology and a non-proselytising one. Christianity, Islam and Marxism belong to the first category and Hinduism, to the second. A proselytising ideology is predicated upon its monopoly of the final truth, which by definition marks out all else as falsehood. Also implicated is inevitable conflict, and one ideology’s ultimate universal triumph over all falsehoods. Triumph is embedded in the notion of the Day of Judgment, common to Christianity and Islam. Marxism also predicted the inevitable universal victory of socialism, and then communism one day.”


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