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Homosexuality in Hinduism

While browsing pages in the Times of India, I came upon a news item reported out of Durban, South Africa, that spoke of a homosexual wedding ceremony conducted according Hindu rites. I wasn’t shocked.

Hinduism as it has come to us today is an accumulation of experiences and reflection of thousands of years past. It is quite possible and is indeed true, given such numbers in years of existence in human history, Hinduism would contain within it’s womb experiences relating to varied sexual behaviors. Not just homosexuality, Hindu treatises contain references to bestiality too. None of this can be denied.

So should Hindus accept homosexuality and bestiality  just the way they accept heterosexual relationships in order to consummate marriages? The answer obviously is, no.

In Hinduism, a married couple  should fulfill three critical functions – The needs of Prajaa, Dharma and Rati. Prajaa is progeny for perpetuation of one’s family, Dharma is fulfillment of responsibilities, and Rati is companionship as friends and mutual pleasure as lovers. Such a requirement is most natural and wholesome to the well-being of our society. A breakdown in any one of these functions will bring ruin not just to the family in question but to society as a whole.

Given all this, how can anybody argue for homosexual marriages when by definition it fails to fulfill the function of Prajaa? Such a “union”, if it comes about, cannot belong in human society. It must belong elsewhere.


Homosexual Hindu “marriage”

Homosexuality “in” Hinduism – This website article discusses homosexuality in Hinduism. All-though it tries to present both points of view fairly, even here one does not come across the clinching argument that must favor any sexual union – can there be procreation? Can the creatures in union exist beyond it’s generation?

– Namaste


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